Adding Votes

Setting up your Votes in Zeck allows your board to review (and pre-vote) on all approvals ahead of your live meeting - saving you massive amounts of time.

Setting Up Your Votes

You can add in a Vote block for each vote that you would like to record in Zeck.The information from your Vote blocks will be pulled into your Meeting Minutes when you use the Auto-generate Minutes option in your Minutes Book. You also have the option to add specific resolution templates to your votes and manage Pre-Vote functionality.

add a vote

To add a Vote block:

  1. Click into the space where you would like to add a vote
  2. Click the Add (+) button 
  3. The Element Menu will open, click Vote
  4. A Vote block will be inserted
  5. Add a title and description by typing into the open fields

Choosing a Resolution Template:

      1. Click the dropdown to select the vote type
      2. Choose which resolution template you would like to associate with this vote
      3. If you choose other, our standard approval language will be generated in your minutes


      Pre-vote is enabled by default. If you'd like to disable the Pre-Vote functionality for a specific Vote block:

      1. Click the Three Dots in the upper right corner of the Vote block
      2. Click Disable Pre-Vote

      🤓 Pro Tip: It can be helpful to include relevant content for each vote, one way to do this would be to link to a section in a line of text below the Vote block or to insert an attachment below the Vote block.