Pre-Voting is a unique feature to Zeck and it enables board directors to cast which way they intend to vote in advance of the meeting. 

It’s designed to never again waste a minute on straightforward admin items in your live board meeting. That way your time can be spent bantering and driving key strategic decision-making.  

And it’s a great way to get your board more engaged during the pre-read period.


Here’s how it works…

  • First, designate your Board Directors by using the toggle on the People page. Those designated as Board Directors will have the ability to cast a Pre-Vote in a published Zeck.
  • When you add a Vote Block to a Zeck, Pre-Vote will be enabled by default.
  • If you do not want Pre-Voting to occur for a vote, you can disable Pre-Voting using the 3-dot menu on the Vote Block

  • Fill out your Vote title and details and Publish the Zeck when ready.
  • Board Directors who are also made viewers on a published Zeck will now see a Pre-Vote button in the Vote Block.
  • Clicking the button will allow them to cast a Pre-vote, and they’ll also be able to see how many Pre-Votes have been cast by Board Directors.
  • In addition, Admins will also be able to see the Pre-Vote tallies (anonymized)

  • Admins can then use the Pre-Vote outcome to inform the Finalization of the vote and use the Take Vote button to save the vote to the minutes book.