Zeck AI

Zeck AI generates your board updates in seconds instead of hours. Massive time savings for your team and the content is smarter than any person can write.

Included in this article: 

  1. Zeck AI Demonstration
  2. Optimize Content
  3. Best Practices

1. Zeck AI Demonstration

2. Optimize Content

The Zeck AI eliminates the hours of work you typically do to review your reports and figure out the most significant information to put in front of your board. Follow these steps to quickly & easily generate content:

  • Add your reports to the Section. The fastest way to do this is through the Google Sheets and/or Excel Integration. You don't need to add Key Takeaways at this stage, they will be generated for you. 
  • Add any desired charts or graphics as embedded Images
  • Type your stream-of-conscience update as a long paragraph of text in the section. Again, no need to set up formatting or break this into subtopics, this will all be done when you optimize your section content. 
  • Once you have your basic content added to the section, click Zeck AI (in the upper right corner of the Editor) and then click Optimize Content.


  • After a few moment, you'll see the generated content. At this point, click either Insert Above or Discard.


  • Now you can go back and edit as necessary. Once everything is finalized, don't forget to delete the original reports, images and text at the bottom of the section. 

3. Best Practices

A few quick best practices to get the most out of the Zeck AI Section Optimization:

  1. If your embedded image has text in it, make sure it's legible so that it can be read by the AI. If you're finding that the information from your image is not being incorporated in the AI output - adjust the image for better readability, reload it into Zeck and run the AI prompt again. 
  2. If you use the Google Drive or OneDrive integrations for your reports, you'll be able to easily sync the reports for each Zeck to cut down on the prep time even further. 
  3. Keep your Zeck Homepage bookmarked in your web browser so you can drop notes into your section as they come to you. This will make the text portion of your section content easier to pull together as you're preparing your next meeting. 

🤓 Pro Tip: Don't spend any extra time thinking about formatting as you get the basic details into your Section. The Zeck AI will optimize all of this information for you and put it into the Zeck Framework (What You Need to Know, Highlight, Lowlights, Key Initiatives & What's Keeping Me Up At Night)