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Adding New Users

Adding Members and Admins is super easy, but there are important details to keep in mind. 

Included in this article:

  1. User Types & Permissions
  2. Adding Users to Zeck
  3. Converting a Member to an Admin

1. User Types & Permission

A quick look at User Types:

  • Admins have full access to all content in your account (even before it's published), as well as the ability to add & remove people.
  • Legal Admins have editor access to the Minutes Book but not your Zecks.
  • Members can be a contributor, viewer, or both. It just depends on what you give 'em access to.

2. Adding Users to Zeck 

To add team members to your Account:

  1. Navigate to the People page from your Homepage
  2. Click Invite People
  3. Enter email address(es) & click Invite
  4. This will trigger an email prompting them to set up an account
  5. If you DO NOT want your users to receive an email from Zeck, check the Don't Send Email invitations box before you click Invite

Worth Mentioning:

  • User types - the default user type is "Member" with the option to upgrade to an "Admin"
    • Be selective with your Admins. They can see everything in your account, create new Zecks, add/remove people, and record votes

3. Converting a Member to an Admin

To upgrade a Member to an admin:

      1. Add the person as a Member in the People page on your Homepage (instructions above)
      2. Find the Member in the list on your People page and select the Admin User Type from the dropdown.
      3. If you are designating a Legal Admin, the process is the same. Simply choose Legal Admin from the dropdown.

      Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 7.47.12 PM