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Let’s walk through getting some Zeck templates set up. 

Included in this article:

  1. Creating a New Zeck
  2. Setting up a Meeting Template
  3. Duplicating a Template

1. Creating a New Zeck

To create a new Zeck:

    1. From the Homepage, click Create a New Zeck
    2. When the window pops up, enter a title for this Zeck (e.g. Board Meeting Template) and click OK.

    Once you click OK, the new Zeck will automatically open to the editor page. You will see a sample CEO Summary section where you can begin setting up the template sections that will best suit your planned meeting(s).

    2. Setting Up a Meeting Template

    Now that you are in the editor, ready to create your meeting template, you will start to build out new sections. 

    To create a new section:

    1. Next to the Table of Contents Column in the Section Navigation, click the Add (+) button to add a new section. This new Untitled Section will appear at the bottom of the Table of Contents. 
    2. You will want to give the section a unique title by deleting the existing Untitled and typing in your own title, for example: Finance Update.  
    3. You can choose to give any section a subtitle if you think it will be useful. You can also delete that text and it will disappear. 
    4. At this point, you can choose to continue setting up Sections or you can dig into the formatting and layout of each individual section. Check out the Zeck Editor article  for more tips on formatting your sections.  
    5. Repeat for each Section

    ✋ Worth Mentioning: Appendix Sections - there is no functional difference between a main section and an Appendix section. The Appendix items, however, are linked from the main sections and won’t be in the flow of the primary presentation unless those links are clicked. These are great for really detailed information that not everyone will need to know, or an unwieldy report that will be better digested on its own. Gotta keep that Read Time down.

    3. Duplicating a Zeck

    Once you have a working template set up, this is how you can easily duplicate it: 

        1. Start from your Homepage, choose which Zeck you would like to duplicate. 
        2. Click on the Three Dots in the bottom right corner of the Zeck Tile you would like to duplicate. This will open a menu. 
        3. Click the Duplicate button. 
        4. A notification window will appear prompting you to Keep Contributor and Viewer Permissions for the duplicated Zeck. Click either Do Not Keep or Keep Permissions based on your preferences. 
        5. If you would like to re-name your new Zeck at this point, click on the Three Dots on your new Zeck to re-open the menu. 
        6. Click the Rename button and type in your new title.  

        ✋ Worth Mentioning

        • Viewer and/or Contributor Permissions - if you have already added Contributors and/or Viewers to a Zeck, you can choose to keep all of those designations when you duplicate it. If you don’t have any changes everyone will be immediately set up and ready to go. 
          • You can always go in and make minor changes by adding or removing a Contributor or Viewer if the permissions are mostly but not entirely the same.
          • If you like the outline of a meeting template but the Viewing and/or Contributor permissions WILL NOT BE THE SAME, you can duplicate the Zeck and click the Do Not Keep box when prompted.