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Getting to know your way around the Sections of your Zeck will help you to really understand how the final product comes together. Let’s look around Sections.

Included in this article:

  1. Creating a New Section
  2. Reordering
  3. Renaming
  4. Deleting
  5. Appendix Sections

1. Creating a New Section

To create a new Section, click the gray + next to Table of Contents in the Section Navigation of your Editor.

It will be added to the bottom of all existing Sections, and can then be reordered.

To create a new Appendix Section, follow the same process for the Appendix. Sections can be moved between the Table of Contents and Appendix at any time.

2. Reordering Sections

Once you have created several sections, you may decide that you would like to reorder the Table of Contents and/or move items between the Table of Contents and the Appendix. 

Simply drag and drop the Section in the panel to move it. 

You can move Sections between the Table of Contents and Appendix by clicking the three dots on the Section tab. 

The Zeck will need to be re-published to reflect these changes.

3. Renaming a Section

There are two ways to rename a Section in your Zeck. 

  1. Replace the Title text in your Section Editor
  2. Click the 3 dots in the Section Navigation and select Rename

4. Deleting a Section

To delete a section:

  1. Find the Section you would like to delete in the Section Navigation and hover your cursor over it
  2. Click on the Three Dots on the right side of the Section Tab
  3. Select Delete
  4. A window will open confirming that you would like to delete the section
  5. Click Yes, Delete
  6. If you have selected Delete in error, click Cancel

🤓 Pro Tip: You can retrieve deleted sections from the Trash (bottom of the Section Navigation). 

5. Appendix Sections

There is no functional difference between an Appendix section and a main section; the only difference is where it is located in the Section Panel and where it appears in your Zeck. All of the editing functions are the same in the Appendix sections as the main sections. Additionally, Appendix sections do not count towards your total Read Time.

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