Minutes Approval

Generating and storing your minutes in Zeck allows for quick and easy minutes approval.

Included in this article:

  1. Approving Minutes
  2. Signing Minutes

1. Approving Minutes

Once you have approved the meeting minutes you can update the status in the Minutes Book.

To mark minutes as approved:

  1. Navigate to the Minutes Book
  2. Click the Three Dots on the right side of the minutes tab you would like to approve.
  3. Click Approve Minutes
  4. You will see the status change on the minutes tab. A green “approved” notice will now appear.
  5. Once you’ve marked minutes as approved they will no longer be editable in the Minutes Editor.

2. Signing Minutes

After the minutes are approved, they can be digitally signed right in Zeck by an account Admin or Legal Admin. (*see also: User Permissions)

To sign minutes:

  1. Navigate to the Minutes Book from your Homepage
  2. Click into the Minutes tab that you would like to sign
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the minutes and click Add Signature
  4. Check the Notification Box and click Sign, you will now see the minutes noted as signed on the main Minutes Book page.

Worth Mentioning: Only account Admins and Legal Admins can access the Minutes Book and sign the minutes.