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Voting on the Published Site

Tracking your meeting votes in Zeck is a simple process with a lot of administrative impact. 

Included in this article:

  1. Pre-Voting
  2. Recording the Final Vote

1. Pre-Voting

Your Board Directors (designated on the People page) will have the ability to cast a Pre-Vote for any enabled Vote blocks on the Published Site. 

To Pre-Vote:

  1. Click the Pre-Vote button 
  2. Then click Approved, Not Approved or Abstained
  3. If a Board Director needs to change their Pre-Vote, they can click Clear My Pre-Vote and then vote again as desired.
  4. Admins can then use the anonymized Pre-Vote outcome to inform the Finalization of the vote and use the Take Vote button to save the vote to the minutes book.


⚠️ Note to Admins who are also Board Directors: You will see BOTH the Take Vote and Pre-Vote buttons on the Published Site. Take Vote will finalize the vote so this should be done during the meeting. You will click Pre-Vote to vote along with your fellow directors ahead of the meeting.

Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 9.22.12 PM

2. Recording the Final Vote

The Take Vote button allows any account Admin to record the final vote results. Once clicked, this Vote block cannot be reactivated for Pre-Voting.

To record votes during a live meeting:

  1. Navigate to the Voting Section in your Published Zeck
  2. Review the motion and click the Take Vote button
  3. Once you have tallied your in-person, oral vote, click Approved or Not Approved
  4. The motion-specific Vote Block will now indicate the status of the vote and will note the date and time of approval

recording a vote

To Edit a completed Vote:

  1. Click the Edit Vote button in the Vote block

  2. You will not be able to edit the Title and Detail text or change a Vote Status between Approved and Not Approved

  3. Click Save to record the new Vote information. 
  4. An alert window will open confirming that you would like to edit a vote that has already been taken. Click Yes, Save Edits to save the changes. 

edit recorded vote