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Dynamic Linking

With Zeck's Dynamic Linking, you can keep your section content concise while linking to deeper details.

How to Set up a Link

You can link to a Website, Appendix Section and the Minutes Book.

To add a link:

  1. Highlight the Text that you would like to use to direct your viewers to a linked source to open the Formatting Menu
  2. Click the Link button
  3. Choose between inserting a Web Address, linking to a Section in the Zeck and linking to Meeting Minutes (note: the minutes option will only appear once you have generated minutes in Zeck)
  4. Type the web address into the open field and click Return
  5. Choose the Section you would like to link
  6. Choose the Meeting Minutes you would like to link
  7. You will know that you have successfully inserted a link because the highlighted text will be underlined and gray. If you Preview the Section you will be able to see the link in action