The Meeting Agenda

The Meeting Agenda will help your board to know which of the Sections will be covered during your meeting.

Setting Up Your Agenda

The Agenda block will both set the plan for the live meeting but will also help to populate the content of your auto-generated Meeting Minutes.

To add an Agenda block:

  1. Click into a the space where you would like to add an agenda block
  2. Click the Add (+) button 
  3. Click Meeting Agenda in the Element Menu
  4. An Agenda block will be inserted
  5. Title the Agenda 
  6. Add meeting details, or leave it blank 
  7. Set the date and time for your meeting (don't forget, you can set the time zone as well)
  8. You can add your existing sections to the Agenda by clicking the + Add Agenda Item button and then selecting the section from the list 
  9. You can also add a custom section by clicking the + Add Agenda Item button and then clicking Custom
  10. A field will open for you to type in the Custom Section Title, type the title here and then click Done
  11. Add Item Descriptions to each section, or leave it blank
  12. You can add start times for each section by clicking Start Time and choosing your time. You can always delete these by clicking the X next to the start time. To customize the minutes, click into the minute box and choose the correct time.


Worth Mentioning:

  • The content added to your Agenda block will be pulled into your Meeting Minutes when you use the Auto-Generate Minutes option in your Minutes Book.
  • You can rearrange the sections in your Agenda block by dragging them to new a new place in the list
  • To change the title of a section in the Agenda you will need to change the title in the connected Section 
  • To change the title of a Custom section, click the Three Dots that appear when you hover over the title and click Rename. Then type in your new title and click Enter.
  • Anything that you type in the Item Descriptions field will appear only in the Agenda and not in the corresponding Section
  • Connections Sections in your Agenda will be clickable on the Published Site.