Adding Files to a Zeck Section

Need to add a file to a Zeck Section? Just click Add (+)

Adding Files to a Zeck Section

You can add a file within the Zeck Editor by clicking the Add (+) button and then clicking File. It's worth noting that these files will appear in your Section as File Blocks that can be downloaded from the Published Site (or in Preview). If you want to bring in content directly, you may want to copy + paste or include screenshots from your existing documents. 

adding files


To add a File:

  1. Click into the space where you would like to add a file
  2. Click the Add (+) button 
  3. The Element Menu will open, click File
  4. Click Choose File in the popup
  5. Your computer’s file finder will open, locate the file you would like to upload and click Open
  6. A File bar will be inserted into the section, in the published version of your Zeck you will be able to click on the File bar to download the attachment

To Delete or Replace an attached File:

    1. Click on the File
    2. To delete, click the Trash button in the popup
    3. To replace, click the Replace button in the popup
    4. Your computer’s file finder will open, select the file that you would like to replace your existing file with and click Open