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Adding Contributors

You can add team members to specific sections of your Zeck, as Contributors.

Included in this article:

  1. Adding Section Contributors
  2. Viewing Permission for Contributors

1. Adding Section Contributors

After you've added Members to your account, you'll need to give 'em access to the appropriate Sections.

To add Contributors to specific Sections within a Zeck: 

  1. Navigate to the Zeck that you would like to add Contributors to and click on it to enter the Zeck Editor 
  2. Click Add Contributors in the Section Navigation 
  3. Toggle on the necessary Members and click Save
  4. Repeat for each Section

2. Viewing Permissions for Contributors

      1. Within the Zeck Editor, Contributors can only access the sections to which they have been given Editing permissions.
      2. Contributing Members do not have access to view the published Zeck by default; if you’d like them to see the finished product, they’ll need to be added as a Viewer as well.
      3. Viewing permissions include the entire Zeck; even if a Member does not have access to edit every section, they’ll be able to see every section on the published link if you add them as a Viewer